Mixed veg poriyal

Beans poriyal

Mixed Veg Poriyal –  Can I say it’s mixed veg Poriyal? Because I added only three veggies. But it’s an option, you can add some veggies like cabbage to the list. It’s a very tasty and easy to prepare side dish.  I love to include in my lunch meal. Particularly with the combo of Kara kuzhambhu. I don’t know, but I always like the Poriyal and aviyal kind of recipes with vathal kuzhambhu and kara kuzhambhu rather than sambar. Let’s … Read more

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Grape Jam

Grape Jam

Grape Jam –  well go with breads and fill our breakfast plans too. We can make good and tasty jams in  home itself and get out these store bought preservatives. From all fruits we can make jams. Now in grapes, yes its seasonal now. So why not, let’s go for the preparation. Prep time : 10 mins | Cook time : 30 mins  Grape Jam – Ingredients Grapes –  2 cups Ginger(grated) – 2 tsp Lemon juice – 1 tbsp … Read more

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Cutlet Recipes – Rajma Cutlet

karamani recipes

Rajma Cutlet / Rajma Patties / karamani cutlet/ Red bean cutlet An iron rich, delicious snack. The pulse we can have in all ages that is extensively used for the preparation of curries, salads and toppings. And yes, we can make some interesting kids favorite snacks using this pulse. Why not, it may get a hit among all ages . Is there anybody to hate cutlets? I didn’t meet so many. So if children don’t want to eat pulses, we … Read more

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CornFlakes Cookies

Cornflakes Cookies

Corn Flakes Cookies / Eggless Corn Flakes cookies – Easy and crispy cookies, which we can make with the avail ingredients in the pantry. I referred this recipe from sharmis passions. She made it as a milk free recipe. I added a little milk while making the dough. If you are vegan, switch to water rather than milk. Coating with corn flakes coarse powder is optional. But its recommended for crispy and crunchy outcome. Refer the notes for temperature settings. … Read more

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Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Frosting


Hi Friends.. Sharing this cake recipe for a small celebration. Yup My FB page reached 5000+ fans within 8 months. Thanks a lot for your overwhelming support. Expecting the same in my blogging travel. Chocolate Cake – yesssss finally did my successful baking after some burning attempts. I never thought baking was a big deal bcoz I used to prepare cakes in pressure cooker. But in an oven the first attempt was super disaster I completely  burned the cake and … Read more

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