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California walnuts review | Product Review

California walnuts review:

When coming to nuts, it has a high amount of healthy fats. Why should I talk about nuts suddenly? Recently, I received a hamper with beautifully packed and contains six variety of recipes made with California walnuts. They have an online shop to make your orders also.(http://www.californiawalnuts.in/cw/)

Recipes include:


Nice made kachori in traditional taste using walnut. I am sure it will be a perfect treat for kachori lovers.

Brain mix

This mix is absolutely healthy. It is a mix of California walnuts, almonds, raisins, flax seeds etc., people who are in diet schedule will go for it without any hesitations.


It was so chocolatey and nutty.


I really enjoyed this crunchy chikki made with walnuts and jaggery

Masala walnuts

This one is salty and slightly spiced walnuts. It must be a favorite snack to have at anytime

Walnut cranberry delight

This walnut cranberry delight is chewy and rice to relish.


The walnuts from California are light in color and have a sweet mild taste that makes savory sweet and sweet savory.

The mild flavor and soft texture of walnuts make them a versatile ingredient for flavor profiles in recipes and processed products.

A little about California walnuts:

The California walnut commission (CWC), established in 1987, is funded by mandatory assessments of the growers.

California walnut commission represents the California walnut industry, made up of over 4000 growers and more than 100 handlers. The CWC is mainly involved in health research and export market development activities.

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